OCD Chef Cutting Board

OCD Chef Cutting Board

Do you often feel the need to chop your onions exactly a millimeter wide and slice your carrots in one centimeter cubes? Do you get irritated when you see someone else dicing their potatoes imperfectly? Not everyone can be such a perfect whiz in the kitchen, but with the OCD Chef Cutting Board, they can get one step closer to getting there.

While I think this cutting board is mainly intended to be a novelty item, it can also be pretty useful too. For one, it will really help you get your slicing and dicing and chopping done right; especially in the event that you’re preparing a really important meal for your boss and his wife.

OCD Chef Cutting Board

If you happen to be one of those people who always have to have things “just so”, this is the perfect kitchen accessory for you. The OCD Chef is made of long-wearing beechwood and is marked off with the exact sizes and measurements for any of your intense incredibly specific chopping and cutting needs. The perfect gift for that little OCD person in your life who you love but who also drives you insane. But for all we know, you might be one of those people yourself who needs a little help in the kitchen to make sure things are always done exactly the same way. Perfectly every time. The OCD Chef Cutting Board. Because it has to be just perfect every single time.

* Hand wash only. Board measures 12″x9″

For obsessive-compulsive chefs, the OCD Chef Cutting Board is available from Baron Bob for $23.95 and at Amazon.com from $23.99.


  1. If I had a nickel for every time somebody told me I was OCD, they’d all be lined up in a row, heads up, sorted by date, and stacked alphabetically by mint.

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