Zombie Mints

Zombie Mints

‘Tis the season to start surrounding yourself with zombie stuff. I mean, it’s almost Halloween after all. I think what helped propel zombies to their current status was that game by Popcap called Plants vs. Zombies. The game totally changed how I looked at the undead after playing the entire thing. Who knew zombies could be, well, adorable? A true testament to that are the Plush Zombie Hat, Zombie Monkey Plush, and Plush Zombie Slippers. And just because they’re dead, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need these Zombie Mints to keep their breaths fresh, because they do.

And you do too. The Zombie Mints come packaged in simply-decorated tins that you can take around with you anywhere. Make sure to pop a mint into your mouth before reading out the Zombie In Love story as a bedtime story to your little monsters.

Zombie Mints

Zombie Mints are just one of a range of spine-chilling (and stomach-churning) products from Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, East London’s premier purveyor of everyday and bespoke goods for the living, dead and undead (it says here). Not only are they worryingly good at coming up with icky edibles, they also donate their proceeds to the registered charity The Ministry of Stories.

  • Startlingly strong mint imperials
  • From the charity Ministry of Stories: encouraging and enhancing children’s imaginations through story writing

The Zombie Mints are available from Firebox for £5.99 ($9.)

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