LED Car Message Display

LED Car Display with Remote

Somebody has clearly beaten me to the punch with this million-dollar idea. Instead of getting into theatrics with angry drivers, you can simply post them a nice message using this LED Car Message Display.

Whenever the subject of bullies comes up, we tend to think of the ones at school. But there’s also another variety of kid-turned-grown-up bullies that take to the wheel and honk, tailgate, and blow a gasket over trivial things, like if you don’t gun the green light fast enough. Or conversely, if you don’t follow the fifth car that passes on a red. You know the drill. Instead of giving bullies their way, give them an appropriate LED message such as, “Don’t make me get out my batarangs.”

LED Car Message Display

Let them know what you’re really thinking!
This 12volt powered device is brilliant. You can program in your own custom messages.
With suction cups, the display attaches to your car’s windows without a hiccup.

Here are some suggested messages to fellow motorists:
“Yo Mama is a Wookie”
“Tailgate me, and I will force choke you”
“Will Brake for Jedi”
“I love Geeks

  • 8.0″ screen display, 7 x 40 dots, Red LED lights
  • Can store 9 messages, each message can show max 250 characters
  • DC12V car charger included,Cable length: 2.8m
  • Remote control powered by 2*AAA batteries (included)
  • DIY easy to install, no screws or tools required
  • Suction cup easy to mount on shop/car windows or surfaces

Apart from being a more effective tactical response to road ragers, this sign can also be used for messages that are funny and uplifting. You can steal other quotes such as, “My other car is a Tardis” or “May the 4th be with you.”

The remote that comes with this sign looks like it has lots of buttons to punch, so make sure you are in a safe position when typing in messages. Since it can hold up to nine 250-character messages, it’s probably wise to have your messages pre-loaded so you can fire them away at will.

The LED Car Message Display is available through GeekCantina.com for $41.99.

Another car accessory to help ward off roadway evil is the Magnetic Student Driver Sign Kit.

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