Bawls Mints

bawls mints

Looking for that candy with a fizzy kick to keep you going.  Try Bawls Mints.  These mints are spiked with high-caffeine Guarana to give them that extra Bawls kick.  For all you health conscious people out there, Bawls mints are made with real sugar and not some laboratory concoction.  Get your Bawls on and eat the mint!

Bawls Mints

  • Your choice of a single tin or a 4-pack of tins
  • Each tin contains approximately 75 slightly carbonated BAWLS mints
  • Each mint contains about 1 milligram of caffeine (via Guarana & pure caffeine)
  • Contains real sugar (each mint has about 1.3 calories and a quarter gram of carbs)
  • Regular candy is for babies; BAWLS mints are not for babies!

Enjoy the high flying Bawls Mints available from ThinkGeek from $1.99 and from $2.99.  If mints aren’t your thing, how about Spaz Juice.


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