USB Light-Sensitive Ghost Lamp

USB Light-Sensitive Ghost Lamp

Are you looking for a cool little lamp for your computer desk or workstation?  If so, the USB Light-Sensitive Ghost Lamp may be perfect for you.  With it’s rear mounted light sensor, these little ghostly lamps know when to light up and when to shut off automatically.  Just plug them into a USB port and let them do the rest.  They remind us of the classic Pac-Man ghost characters, especially when they light up.  To bad they don’t offer a little chase, that would be a good way to get some office exercise.

USB Light-Sensitive Pac-Man Styled Ghost Lamp

USB Light-Sensitive Ghost Lamp

The USB Light-sensitive Ghost Lamp have built-in light sensor. The lamp will be turned on in a dark place and turn off when the place goes bright.

  • Ghost shape design
  • Sensor senses bright and dark to turn the unit on and off automatically
  • USB interface
  • Plug and play, easy to operate
  • Good for desktop decoration
  • Cable Length: 85cm (approx.)
  • Dimension: 85 x 85 x 100mm (approx.)

You can purchase the USB Light-Sensitive Ghost Lamp in your choice of Red, Blue, White and Yellow for only $10 at  Here are a few other cool products for your desk: Yoda USB Desk Protector, USB Lightsaber Lamp and USB Mushroom LED Lamp.

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