Transformers Monopoly

Transformers Monopoly

If you like board games and grew up watching classic cartoons like the Transformers, than you’ll want to get your hands on the Transformers Monopoly game. Brought to you by USAopoly, this unique edition of the classic Monopoly board game features Autobots, Dinobots and the Decepticons.

Choose between six cool collectible pewter tokens: Megatron, Ravage, Shockwave, Optimus Prime, Ironhide and Grimlock and start the battle to control the Transformers universe.

Monopoly Gameboard

The Civil War between the Autobots and the evil Decepticons has spilled out of Cybertron and on to this collector’s edition of the MONOPOLY game. In this episode of the Transformers saga, you’ll choose to fight for the Autobots or the Decepticons. Then, you’ll travel the Transformers universe buying, selling and trading cities, bases and planets, mining for precious Energon and Anti-Matter in an effort to own and control it all. Game comes with 6 collectible pewter tokens: Megatron, Ravage, Shockwave, Optimus Prime, Ironhide and Grimlock.

  • The familiar Monopoly game play allows fans to vie to own control of the Transformers universe.
  • Collectible pewter tokens include: Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Soundwave, Jazz, and Starscream
  • Special Card Decoder allows players to read the directives on the Chance and Community Chest cards.
  • Special Monopoly Doubles rules allows Transformers fans to battle for properties, collect extra money
  • Recommended Age Range 8 and up
  • Draw Autobot or Decepticon cards, and take away Energon Cubes.

You can purchase the Transformers Monopoly Edition at for $84.99.

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