Toilet Shot Glasses

Toilet Shot Glasses

If you’re living with a man who can’t seem to let go of his nights out with his buddies, then you can suggest that he take his parties home. Guys normally get wary when their girlfriends begin to nag them about their drinking, so how could would you be if you suggested holding their weekly drinking binges at home? Just surprise them him and his buddies with these Toilet Shot Glasses that makes chugging down each shot a little bit more difficult.

Hopefully, the look and design of these glasses will gross the drinker each time he lifts up the potty bin to his mouth to chug down the drink. Even if it doesn’t, it would still be fun to watch grown men throw down toilet bowls after every round, wouldn’t it?

Toilet Shot Glasses

  • Flush it down! Set of 4
  • Add zaniness to your next party
  • Ideal Gag Gift and Stocking Stuffer
  • Great for Gelatin Shots!
  • Made of plastic

Each set of two Toilet Shot Glasses goes for $8.67 and a set of four Toilet Shot Glasses goes for $15.95 at

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  1. jordanbballshoes Reply July 1, 2011 at 6:08 pm

    honestly speaking, it’s disgusting

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