Tiny USB Cell Phone Charger

Tiny USB Cell Phone Charger

If you like to keep things lightweight and small, on the contrary to those running around with a huge telescope attached to their cell phones, here’s a handy battery charger that might be right up your alley.


  • Simple enough and Light weight.
  • Adopt high capability switch power supply with efficient transforming.
  • Less Exhausting of power.
  • Reliable performance and no radiation.
  • Extending the stand time and the longevity of battery.
  • Handsome shape and travel convenient.
  • Can charge all shape of mobile phone batteries.

Tiny USB Cell Phone Charger

The Multi Cellular Batteries USB Tiny Charger is available from Mobile Brando for $12.

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  1. have you seen a usb charger for a cell phone with a flashligh on the front of it check out theflashlighter.com

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