Thermowear Heat Sensitive T-Shirt

Thermowear Heat Sensitive T-Shirt

So your friends don’t believe you that the ladies just couldn’t keep their hands off you at the party? Then prove it by pulling on this Thermowear Heat Sensitive T-Shirt and showing them the evidence.

Many a drunk men have boasted of how much of a stud they are at parties, which has led to widespread doubt on any man that claims such. To thwart such doubt, the Thermowear shirt changes color upon physical contact with anything warm. Just don’t go to your friends with paw prints all over your shirt and claiming that you were just hugged by the hot blonde across the room.

Thermowear Heat Sensitive T-ShirtThermowear Heat Sensitive T-Shirt

This heat sensitive T-shirt changes colors like a chameleon. All you have to do is apply heatto the area you want to change colors and, in just a few seconds, you’ll see the results.

Depending on your body temperature some areas of the T-shirt will be green and other areas will be yellow. Don’t worry if you’re one of those people who’s hands are always cold, you can also use a blow-dryer or any other heat-generating instrument.

And it’s the perfect excuse to ask the girl you like to put her hands on you; you’re sure to impress her with your heat sensitive T-shirt.

The Thermowear Heat Sensitive T-Shirt is available from Curiosite for $35.54.

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