Takara Tomy Gurefuru Chuchu Fruit Juicer Toy

Takara Tomy Gurefuru Chuchu

There’s nothing better than fresh-squeezed juice straight from the fruit. Sure, there are all sorts of fancy electric juicers that yield amazing, non-concentrated juice. But the Takara Tomy Gurefuru Chuchu Fruit Juicer Toy doesn’t require any batteries, and it’s designed to let kids in on the juicing fun.

I can’t help but think of Tropicana brand orange juice that demonstrates how fresh its juice is by using the image of a straw stuck straight into an orange. When you use the Takara Tomy Gurefuru Chuchu on a ripe orange, the device drills a nice hole and churns the juice within so that all you need to do is simply stick in a straw and sip OJ right from the fruit itself.

Drinking juice straight from the fruit will give kids more vitamins than any prepared juice you could buy. And it also means less waste from packaging, which is ultimately kind to the world. Most of all, the name of this fruit juicer is so awesome that anyone would want to own one just so that they have the right to say, “I have a Takara Tomy Gurefuru Chuchu, do you?”

You can find the Takara Tomy Gurefuru Chuchu Fruit Juicer Toy at the Japan Trend Shop for $64.

If you love juice a lot and you want a more grown-up juicer, then there’s also the compact and modern Bistro Electric Juicer by Bodum that comes in different colors.

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