AI Tech Racing by Tomy

AI Tech Racing Tomy

The Japanese toy manufacturer Tomy today announced the debut of an innovative “sensor” technology for its forthcoming AI Tech Racing brand, featuring the ability to detect and avoid obstacles, and negotiate turns and corners without input from the user.

Unlike traditional “slot” cars and similar vehicles that are guided by grooves or “slots” in the track on which they run, AI Tech Racing can be enjoyed on or off the track. Available sets include individual cars, accessories, race set featuring a custom track piece and a deluxe version. The included remote control allows users to control the speed of the vehicles including turbo speed to pass their opponent while obstacles and barriers increase the fun and difficulty.

Tomy AI Tech Racing

You will be able select from an assortment of six individual cars each with unique designs and graphics with an SRP of $12.99. The cars and remotes each require two AA batteries and all vehicles come with decals for customizing.

For those racers that want it all – track, accessories and two cars – the AI Tech Racing Race Set features everything needed to build an exciting course for a suggested retail price of $39.99. For $10 more, the Deluxe Race Set takes AI Tech to the next level with 18 pieces of track and six obstacles. Finally, the Ultimate Deluxe Race Set is the quintessential racing kit with 29 track pieces, electronic lap counter, two exclusive cars and much more – all for $99.

The AI Tech Racing by Tomy is set to hit retail shelves in fall of 2008. (Update: Link removed because the website is gone.)

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