Superhero Silhouette Poster Set

Superhero Silhouette Posters

Superheroes are mainstream now that Hollywood has finally learned to make a decent comic book movie, and the Superhero Silhouette Poster Set lets you use the super-trend as super-decor.

This three-poster set has something for everyone, regardless of whether you prefer DC or Marvel, although Marvel fans will admittedly have a little more to get excited about.

The Batman poster features the Dark Knight in profile, with his shadowy form created by a mass of bats.

Batman Superhero Silhouette Poster

Receiving the same stylish treatment, Spider-Man is also captured in profile, with spiders coming together to create his silhouette in profile.

Spider-Man Superhero Silhouette Poster

Captain America takes a different approach, with him being portrayed from a forward-facing angle and no little critters used to create his shape, although his seemingly-indestructible shield seems to be coming apart.

Captain America Superhero Silhouette Poster

While the three posters include the names of the heroes, you can request to have them removed on your prints if you would prefer just to have the characters depicted.

The Superhero Silhouette Poster Set is available for $40 at Poster Inspired’s Etsy shop, and there are plenty of other superhero posters to drool over as well, including the Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Green Lantern.

(via HiConsumption)

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  1. I just want the batman pic. Can u sell me that?

  2. Could you tell me the name of the artist?

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