Super Mario Snerdles Question Box

Super Mario Snerdles Question Box

All I want for Christmas is the Super Mario Snerdles Question Box. I mean, it definitely looks appetizing enough. But really, I didn’t know what a Snerdle was until today. A Snerdle is basically a square piece of fruit strip candy with colorful candy balls stuck on one side.

What makes the Snerdles in the Super Mario Snerdles Question Box extra special is how the tiny candy dots are designed and arranged on the other side. Power up by chomping on some Snerdles and add a whole load of sugar into your system.

Super Mario Snerdles Question Box

Super Mario Snerdles Question Box

Each Super Mario Snerdles Question Box has eight individually wrapped Snerdles inside. Snerdles are a square of fruit strip candy with tiny candy balls stuck to one side. These balls form a picture; either a star, coin, or mushroom. Toad loves ’em, Yoshi is a Snerdles addict, and Princess Peach shares them with any visiting dignitary. And best of all, you get an awesome Question Box you can repurpose for anything. Get a Super Mario Snerdles Question Box today (heck, get 10), and enjoy the sugary goodness of the Mushroom Kingdom.

  • Fruit strips decorated with candy into awesome Super Mario designs.
  • Three design styles: coins, stars, and mushrooms.
  • Assorted fruit flavors.
  • Design and flavor pairings are random!

The Super Mario Snerdles Question Box is available from ThinkGeek for $2.99 a box.

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  1. These things are awesome. If you’re a fan of Japanese candy, they taste almost exactly like Hi-Chews.

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