Super Mario Keychain LED Light

Super Mario Keychain Light

If you’re the retro games kind of geek, and not so much into Star Wars lightsabers, these gorgeous Super Mario keychains will light up your day.

To help the masses of key fumblers in Japan and around the world, Bandai ships a set of Super Mario Mascot keychains which light up the darkness like a beacon of hope. Or something like that. By toggling the little power switch on the bottom of each mascot, a little illumination and clarity is provided to locate for the right key.

Super Mario Keychain Light

Mascots represented in the set include two Kinokos, a Star, and a Goomba. Each toy includes a battery inside to power the LED – Goomba and Star measure 3″ in height but the other four measure 2″ tall.

The Super Mario Light Mascot Keychains ($20) are sold in a complete set of 6.

Super Mario Keychain Light

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4 Responses to “Super Mario Keychain LED Light”

  1. Jason Bates - Reply April 24, 2008 at 5:23 am

    These are awesome, i want one 😀

  2. Mm, they sure look cool! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by Jason!

  3. thease are awsome

  4. hi we would like to buy some of your mario light if we get more can you give us a cheaper price?

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