Star Wars X-Wing Crochet Helmet Hat

Star Wars X Wing Crochet Helmet Hat

In winter fashion, we’ve seen the comeback of aviator-style hats that wink back to the days of Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh. But perhaps the next generation of aviator hats might take on the look of crocheted space helmets as far-out as this Star Wars X-Wing Crochet Helmet Hat.

Just look at the coverage you get from this hat. The ear flaps hang almost to chin level while the back of the hat covers a generous chunk of your neck. Then you can see that the width of the flaps provides close to one inch or more of thick, crocheted material. The front of the hat provides coverage down to your eyebrows, and the Mohawk-like center of the ‘helmet’ provides another layer of warmth.

By wearing this hat on the streets, Star Wars junkies will immediately acknowledge you as a kindred spirit. The Rebel Alliance symbol is extremely prominent, and the hat’s colors and design do the real X-Wing helmet justice. Put on some yellow goggles and a chin strap and face the bitter cold as heroically as Luke Skywalker would.

This must-have Star Wars X-Wing Crochet Helmet Hat is $50 onĀ

Word to the wise: you may not want to pair the helmet hat with these Adidas Star Wars Hoth Skywalker Shoes featured last year because you could just get yourself mugged.

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