Star Trek Communicator Keychain with Sound Effects

Star Trek Communicator Keychain with Sound Effects

A new little item has arrived for those trekkies who won’t say no just because they already have a Star Trek Communicator Replica and a Star Trek USB Communicator Internet Phone laying around. Say hello to the new Star Trek communicator keychain with sound effects.

This fantastic movie replica comes with 8 sound clips from the original crew, including “Kirk to enterprise”, “He’s dead Jim” and the communicator open noise.

The Star Trek Communicator Keychain measures 7.5 x 5 x 2.5 cm and the product is available over at the Red5 website for £12 (about $19 USD).

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  1. for god sake jimm im a doctor not a pool man.

  2. looks pretty cool

  3. I have just gotten back into star trek and this looks pretty darn cool.

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