Squadt NOZZEL S004 [frozn whole]

Squadt NOZZEL S004 [frozn whole]

You may not be familiar with Project Squadt, or know anything about Ferg, Jamungo, or ThreeZero. However, you have to admit this Squadt NOZZEL S004 [frozn whole] figure looks amazingly cool. Cool enough, in fact, to look into more information about the above.

Squadt NOZZEL S004 [frozn whole]

Sure, it’s hot outside, but if you’re a Squadt you just don an arctic parka and head for the south pole! Another great 6″ vinyl from Ferg and Playge, this NOZZEL includes an sqocom sMK23 pistol with removable laser and suppressor, sUMP with red dot scope, 3 dot pattern arctic parka with fur lined hood, 2 sets of arms and a removable helmet.

Pre-order Squadt NOZZEL S004 [frozn whole] for $85 from Rotofugi. Learn more about Project Squadt at ProjectSquadt.com.

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