Ring Bottle Opener

Ring Bottle Opener

You’re at a beach party and some hottie needs help opening her beer; what do you do?  You could try to bite it off (not really sure how that would play out), or the more subtle and cool way would be to use your finger.  With the Ring Bottle Opener you can pop the bottle top off in the palm of your hand and have that hottie eating out of the palm of your hand in no time.  As Gandalf once warned, “One ring to rule them all”; only this time it could mean ruling something a whole lot sweeter than Middle Earth.

Original Ring Thing Bottle Opener

No more searching through your desk drawer for bottle openers. You will always have one when you wear your Ring Thing. And, the Ring Thing is comfortable to wear; this entire description was written while wearing a Ring Thing.

  • Wear on middle finger, with “cat’s ears” facing palm
  • To use: hook bottle cap and lift wrist
  • Whole sizes: 8-15

You can purchase the Ring Bottle Opener at ThinkGeek for $7.99. Checkout the other cool bottle openers: Railroad Spike, Ctrl+O and Star Wars Lightsaber.

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  1. 8 bucks is quite a lot for that, you can typically buy the ring for a quarter of the money here in Germany. But it lost the coolness factor over the years since everybody knows it or even has one.

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