Solar Powered Dancing Flower

Solar Powered Dancing Flower

While in a parking lot the other day, I saw this Solar Powered Dancing Flower flapping back and forth on someone’s dashboard and immediately fell in love with it. It’s the little things that keep us going, isn’t it?

Solar Powered Dancing Flower

This solar powered desk toy sways happily to and fro, making you calm and relaxed whether at home or the office. The Dancing Flower does not need batteries! Thanks to its little solar panel, this cheerful plant will carry on swaying until the sun goes down! A great way to cope with stresses at work, place our Dancing Flower on your work desk for an instant lift. No watering, no greenfly, no worries! They make superb Secret Santa, Birthday and Mother’s Day gifts.

The dancing flower stems (no pun intended) from the same sort of idea as the Solar Sushi Dancers we showcased last month. Mmm, sushi…another delight. Although maybe seeing sushi dancing before my eyes would make me hungry. These solar-powered treasures work by their solar panels that collect energy from the sun or any light source to provide hours of dancing and motion.

With music playing in the background, the Solar Powered Dancing Flower will seem like it’s swaying to the beat. Starting at $4.99 on, and available in a wide array of bright colors, you can collect quite a few to display in the window, dashboard, shelf, countertop, or anywhere that needs a little bit of joy.

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  1. how much would it cost me to buy 40 solar dancing flowers from you? I need them for a girls camp I am incharge of 🙂

    • We don’t sell products at GeekAlerts, we just inform our fans about all the cool stuff out there. Follow the link at the end of the article where you can purchase them at

  2. how does the solar energy make the flower move? is it convert it to electricity?

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