Scosche RDTX Portable Radiation Detector for iPod and iPhone

Scosche RDTX Portable Radiation Detector for iPod and iPhone

Scosche Industries is an award-winning innovator of iPad, iPhone and iPod accessories and they set out to do two things with the Scosche RDTX Portable Radiation Detector for iPod and iPhone. First given the tragedy that struck Japan, they wanted to try to protect people from radiation and allow them an easy and affordable way to detect it. Second they wanted to continue to give back to the community as they have be doing with the donation of $10 for each RDTX-PRO unit sold to a group of charities with a goal of reaching 1 million dollars within two years.

The RDTX Portable Radiation Detector provides great way to measure background radiation levels, requires no calibration and accurately detects gamma radiation above 120keV within +/- 10% accuracy. The device attaches to an iPhone or iPod touch via the dock connection and the radTEST app allows users to share their results with Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps.

With different levels of radiation all around us, this is great app and accessory for all iPhone and iPod users to have.  It will not only help to take the guess work out of a very scary situation, it may also help to give your family piece of mind during chaotic times.

Meter Display:

  • – Easy-to-use interface clearly indicates radiation levels
  • – GREEN indicates a safe area
  • – YELLOW indicates elevated radiation
  • – RED indicates a dangerous radiation level

Digital Display:

  • – Displays detailed measurements for the advanced user
  • – Counts per Minute (CPM)
  • – Time Since Reset
  • – Total Counts Since Reset
  • – uSV/h (Micro Sieverts per Hour)
  • – Dose Received
  • – Average uSV/h levels since reset

You can learn more about the Scosche RDTX Portable Radiation Detector for iPod and iPhone at

They also offer the HRDTX – Home Radiation Detector that plugs into a wall outlet in your home or office.

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