Ride-On Mercedes Roadster

Ride-On Mercedes Roadster

There are so many ride-on vehicles for kids to have. You’ve probably seen the Jeep Wrangler, Cadillac Escalade, and Chevy Corvette ride-ons before. But this silver bullet Ride-On Mercedes Benz Roadster is by far the best looking one I’ve ever seen.

Ride-On Mercedes Roadster

The Ride-On Mercedes Benz Replica runs on a 6 volt battery-operated motor that powers the car up to dizzying speeds of 2.5 MPH in both forward and reverse gears. The roadster design sports LED headlights, a blocked-out front grill, and realistic alloy wheels. Licensed by Mercedes Benz. Rechargeable battery and charger included. Ages 3-6 years old (3’6″ height limit, 55 lbs weight limit).

  • Provides about 35 minutes of drive time on a full charge
  • Working LED headlights
  • Has a functional horn to warn any junior “road hogs”
  • Glossy auto body paint finish
  • Includes 1X6V 4Ah rechargeable battery

Your little one will get a thrill ride when the pedal hits the medal at a whopping 2.5mph. That’s 4km/hr if you want to make it sound faster. But this shiny 300SL Roadster isn’t really meant to enter the Grand Prix. It’s more suitable for a Sunday drive.

A three to six-year-old might not yet understand the stigma attached to driving a Benz, but at such a young age they can certainly appreciate the difference between nice cars and clunkers. Beyond looking slick, this particular Roadster is electric and runs off a rechargeable battery. Kids might as well get used to the practice of driving electric cars.

The Sharper Image has the Ride-On Mercedes Roadster priced at $379.99. Or maybe your kid would rather drive this Ferrari?

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