Red Cup Drink Koozie


It’s hard to move on…GeekAlerts loves the classic “Red Cups” from our college years and apparently many others do as well. The Red Cup Drink Koozie will keep your beer bottle or can chilled while giving it that classic cup look.

Each koozie measures 4.75 inches tall with a 4 inch diameter…Bring on the fun and drink responsibly.

Keep that beverage icy cold and your hands nice and dry! Yet another fun twist on the classic Red Cup, you’ll definitely be sporting the koolest koozie at the party! Made with super soft insulated foam and provides a perfect fit for bottles and cans. 21 & over for alcoholic use, but the koozie fits soda cans for all ages enjoyment! Measures 4.75″ tall with a 4″ diameter.

You can purchase the Red Cup Drink Koozie at for about $8 and at Fred Flare for $10….Amazon also sells them in 2-packs & 4-packs.

If you find yourself having Red Cup withdrawals, you can also purchase the Red Cup Shot Glasses and Red Cup Wine Glasses 🙂

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