Plush Shark Hat

Plush Shark Hat

My nephew used to love swimming in the ocean, but after he saw Jaws, he began to insist that we just go for a dip in the pool instead whenever we would drive to the beach. My sister had tried several ways and means to try to make him try to move past his sudden fear of sharks, but when most of her attempts failed, I told her to try getting the Plush Shark Hat instead.

The Plush Shark Hat is an adorable, cushy hat that fits (harmlessly) over your head. It’s adorable to look at and even more adorable when worn. Plus, you know, it also makes a point that sharks don’t really have to be scary (as long as you stay out of their way and just swim in the shark-free zones.)

Plush Shark Hat

Plush Shark Hat

What makes a shark you ask? Why, the first thing is teeth. Row upon row of sharp pointy teeth. And that’s really all you need.
This dastardly villain of the sea will bite you if you’re not careful. But he is also very snugly if you treat him well.
This shark is colored blue tie-dye. But the pattern will look different than what you see here due to the nature of tie-dye. If you wish to know what your shark will look like exactly, send me a message.

This Plush Shark Hat is available from Obey My Brain’s shop on Etsy for $42.

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