Pac-Man Power Up Energy Drink

Pac-Man Power Up Energy Drink

With all the eating Pac-Man does, he gets very thirsty and needs something potent to keep him going; those ghosts aren’t going to eat themselves after all! The Pac-Man Power Up Energy Drink is just the thing to keep Pac-Man and all of you energized after a long day. This cherry flavored caffeinated drink offers you something different than the everyday Red Bull and even has a neat can that you can stack up in your dorm room.

Pac-Man Power Up Energy Drink

The all-time classic 80’s arcade game is back in the super delicious cherry-flavored PAC-MAN Power Up Energy Drink. PAC-MAN never stops moving around and gobbling up ghosts or he at least keeps going until he runs out of lives. Feel like you are living in a maze? This great energy drink is great way to get your strength back. Each can contains 8.4 oz of cherry-flavored carbonated drink and has only 110 calories. Makes for a perfect gift for the 80’s gaming fanatic.

Get your PAC-MAN Power Up Energy Drink today and it’s game on!

You can purchase the Pac-Man Power Up Energy Drink at Baron Bob for $2.95 per can.

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