Organ Transport Lunch Cooler

Organ Transport Lunch Bag

The Organ Transport Lunch Cooler is the perfect travel mealtime companion if you’re constantly looking for ways to mix things up in your everyday life. How can this quirky little organ carrier fail to bring a smile on your face while you tote it around with you to work or to school?

It’s as sturdy as food containers can get. Why bring a brown baggie when you can have this instead?

Organ Transport Lunch Bag

It’s got a ton of space to hold your juices, sandwiches, and snacks in its padded interior. It’s eye-catching and this lunchbox will definitely turn heads the first time you make your new cooler public.

Lunch snatching is also getting more and more common in the workplace, so you can actually use the Organ Transport Lunch Cooler to your advantage. Who would want to stick their hand in a bag that could possibly contain human organs? Aside from that, there’s the added guilt factor because that food snatcher will probably know who owns that apple he’s trying to filch as opposed to just simply swiping it from a plain brown paper bag.

Organ Transport Lunch Bag

Organ Transport Lunch Cooler

  • Insulated lunch box with reflective inner lining
  • Designed to resemble an organ transplant donation cooler
  • Will keep your food chilled while keeping lunch-thieves away

You can get yourself this neat lunch cooler from ThinkGeek for $19.99.

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