Nu Pop Movement Crazy Hour Watches

Nu Pop Movement Crazy Hour Watch

There are many cool LED Watches, such as the Sauron, Oberon, Lightmare, Pusher, and Kyokusen, to name but a few. They generally look really cool, but it can be hard to figure out the time quickly. Nu Pop Movement Crazy Hour Watches definitely look cool, and once you figure out the trick, telling time is quick and easy.

Nu Pop Movement Crazy Hour Watches have LED lights for the numbers 1 through 12 on them. The blue LED represents the hour hand and the red LED represents the minute hand. (If both are on the same number, it will be purple in color.) So if the 3 is blue and the 1 is red, it is as if the small hand is on the 3 and big hand is on the 1, making it 3:05. (Each number for the minute represents 5 minutes, just like on a regular analog clock.)

On the bottom are 4 additional LED dots that can light up to represent 1 minute each. This gives precision to the minute. So if two of the are lit up in the above example, the time is actually 3:07. There is also another light to indicate whether it is AM or PM. A very similar system is used to read the date.

Nu Pop Crazy Hour Watches

Available in a choice of 4 different colors, Nu Pop Movement Crazy Hour Watches can be purchased in blue, black, red, or yellow.

Nu Pop Movement Crazy Hour Watches are available to pre-order for $49.99 each at They are expected to ship in mid-April 2011.

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