Sauron LED Watch

Sauron LED Watch

Japanese LED watches, such as those from Tokyoflash, look really cool and provide a unique way to tell time. This Sauron Japan Style LED Watch fits the mold with a futuristic design, red and blue LED lights, and a Dark Paladin Armor bracelet. Plus you have to be a geek, or at least as smart as one, in order to tell time with the Sauron LED watch.

Sauron Japanese Style Watch

Do you have what it takes to wear The Sauron? Press the top button and after some animation, you’ll be shown some blue parallelograms. Each blue parallelogram equals 1 hour. Press the button again, and you’ll be shown red parallelograms and red triangles. Each red parallelogram equals 5 minutes. Each red triangle equals 1 minute.

Example: So 2 blue parallelograms, 2 red parallelograms, 1 red triangle equals what time? 2:11am.

Japanese Style LED Watch

The Sauron Japanese Inspired LED Watch is available for $10.71 at Chinavasion. Other cool LED watches from Chinavasion include Cryogen, Influx, and Anti Grinch.

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