Lightmare Steel LED Watch

Lightmare Steel LED Watch

You might have seen the rubber strap version of this watch earlier, but I must say this steel version looks even cooler – still as hard to tell the time though.

With a single press of a button a green dot of light will run a full circle of the dial and stop in what seems like a random pattern of green lights.

And if you want to try to figure out what time it is:

The dial of Lightmare has two circles of 12 red LED light. The inner circle of lights representes the hours and the outer circle shows the minuts split up in intervals of five minuts per green light.
In the center of the dial are four green mini lights. They show the minuts in between every five minute interval.
So! If, lets say, the light of the inner circle is lit in a 4 o’clock position and the outer circle is lit in a 15 min. position and three of the mini diodes are on in the center, then the time is 4.18.

The Lightmare Steel ($287) watch is available at

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