Narwhal Finger Puppets

Narwhal - Finger Puppet

If the Pickle Fingers tickled you silly, then the Narwhal Finger Puppets will surely be good for a poke or two. These 3-3/4″ soft rubber finger puppets have a contagious smile and a pointy horn, which makes for a handy food pick or a sharp object to poke your unfriendly roommate with. Image the open sea and enjoy some narwhal tusking with these finger puppets.

Finger Narwhal Puppets

Narwhal Finger Puppets

With these colorful narwhals on your fingers you might be tempted to launch into an impromptu finger puppet musical where the happy narwhals sing about stuff like icebergs and horn hygiene. You also might be tempted to use them to poke your siblings or your cat which, we must admit, can be extremely satisfying. Each 3-3/4″ (9.5 cm) tall Finger Narwhal is made of soft rubber and features a pointy horn and a contagious smile. Five different colors.

You can purchase the Narwhal Finger Puppets at from $10.75 for a set of five and at the Neatoshop for $.95 each.

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