Narwhalicorn Bendable Figure

Narwhalicorn Bendable Figure

We’ve found some narwhal-related merchandise before such as Narwhal Finger Puppets and Narwhal Horn Mints, and several unicorn things like Unicorn Chopsticks and Corn Cob Holders. But never before in GeekAlerts history have the two single-horned creatures been combined into one. What was thought to be impossible has been pulled off in reality in this fantastical Narwhalicorn Bendable Figure.

Narwhalicorn Figure

Half unicorn and half narwhal, this magical creature feasts only on the sea grass found in enchanted underwater meadows and soft pink cotton-candy clouds. Legend has it, the Narwhalicorn is the guardian of the mystical Rainbow Caves. She is a friend to every creature with a pure and noble heart.
4″ tall

The Narwhalicorn is just as much a skilled swimmer as it is an agile galloper. Many of us can relate to the creature, because the narwhalicorn tends to be an outcast due to its peculiar looks and abilities; neither accepted into any group of unicorns nor schools of narwhals. However, it has learned how to embrace what makes it so special and unique. During its free time the narwhalicorn invents new contortionist moves, hoping to one day make it into Le Cirque du Soleil. Good thing there’s always the circus.

Give this to the person who has everything. You can safely bet that he or she doesn’t own a Narwhalicorn Bendable Figure. You can buy this mystical, rainbowy friend at Hot Topic for $6.50 each and at for $7.99.

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