Unicorn Corkscrew

Unicorn Corkscrew

The Unicorn Corkscrew, officially called the Screwnicorn, gives unicorns a new purpose in life.  Their lives had little meaning before this, the unicorns frolicked in the fields and occasionally impaled a villager, but they were very solitary creatures, climbing rainbows and sitting alone at hotel bars.  The Unicorn Corkscrew gives these majestic creatures a new objective: to help you open wine bottles.  If it has a cork, the Unicorn Cork Screw can open it!

The Screwnicorn is $10, not a bad price, and features a porcelain head and neck complete with flowing mane; much like my mane, which is long, blond, and flowing in the wind.  If the Unicorn Corkscrew makes a connection with you, you’d like the Candy Unicorn Horn and the Star Wars Retold With Unicorns T-Shirt.

Unicorn Corkscrew

What do you get when you combine a corkscrew and a Unicorn? Why of course you get a Screwnicorn! Delight guests with this mystical, wine opening beauty. Yes, they’ll surely be enchanted and might end up seeing glitter and rainbows (actually, that might be more from the wine consumption). Who cares, one can believe and Unicorns rule!

You can get the Unicorn Corkscrew for $9.95 from BaronBob, a great source of all things geeky.  Mustaches, Bacon, Unicorns – you want it, they have it.

Jack Kieffer owns Cool Gizmo Toys, a site that loves geeky things like pacifiers that look like mustaches.

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