Mustache Eraser Set

Mustache Eraser Set

The erasers in the Mustache Eraser Set won’t be able to erase that fuzz growing on your upper lip, but it can erase lines and drawings and marks that aren’t meant to be there on paper, provided you used a pencil, of course.

Complete your mustache collection with this pair of thick, funky mustache erasers. It might be hard to get erasing at first, what with the pointy little edges and all, but once you break these in, erasing will become a breeze. Much like real mustaches: when you’ve grown them to their fullest, it get’s harder and harder to trim them for fear that you won’t be able to achieve the same degree of fullness and shapeliness as you once did. Ah, the things people do for the love of mustaches.

Mustache Eraser Set

Mustache Eraser Set

We mustache you a question: Why so many mistakes? It’s because you’re just looking for an excuse to use these awesome mustache-shaped erasers? That’s preposterous… and totally what we’re doing, too. 2 + 2 ≠ 5? Guess we gotta bust out the ‘stache, what a pity. Learn to love your mistakes with this super cute set of two mustache erasers.
Each TPR eraser measures approx. 3″x1″.

Erase your mistakes away with these Mustache Erasers. Available in sets of 2 from Fred Flare for $4. A set of 2 is also available for only $2.99 at

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