Mini Business Card File Cabinet

Mini Business Card File Cabinet

Organize that pile of business cards on your desk with this Mini Business Card File Cabinet. It looks exactly like a file cabinet, except that it’s tiny, so it can easily fit on your desktop. With two pull-out drawers, it has room to store 500 business cards and comes with letter tabs to make it easy to find your contacts. It goes very well with the Tiny Briefcase Business Card Case.

For some reason, shrinking large things down to miniature sizes makes for awesome desk accessories. Imagine how cool it would be to combine this on your desk with other shrunken office products like the Toaster USB Hub and Toast Drives, Zamboni Desk Vacuum, Cargo Crates Desk Tidy, Trash and Recycling Storage Bins, and Concrete Block Magnets. Then just to blow everyone’s minds, add a few magnified items like the Giant Coffee Cup or the Giant Pencil Sharpener Pen Holder.

Mini Business Card File Cabinet

Mini Business Card File Cabinet

  • World’s tiniest filing cabinet – only 6.5″ tall
  • Letter tabs keep your contacts organized
  • Holds up to 500 business cards

Purchase the Mini Business Card File Cabinet for $12.99 at ThinkGeek. It is also sold at and

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  1. Wow!! i want one of these so bad… i am going to track one down for a good price & order now!

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