Loaded Cash Wad Wallet

Loaded Cash Wad Wallet

Here’s another quirky wallet for the ages, but this isn’t one I’d recommend for people who live in areas with high crime rates. Or for people who go out in highly populated areas like malls either. In fact, I wouldn’t really recommend this wallet to anyone unless they’re sure they’re in an area free of snatchers, because I’m sure few can resist the temptation of snatching out this wad of bills if it’s just conveniently hanging in your back pocket. Only, it’s not really a wad of cash because it’s the Loaded Cash Wallet in disguise.

This wallet would make a gag gift, but for safety purposes, it might be better to go for a wallet that few would like to steal. Such as the Bacon Wallet. Or the Toast Wallet. Or the Fire Hose Wallet.

Loaded – The Cash Wad Wallet

Feeling a little cash poor these days? Not to worry, you can at least look like you’re Loaded with this full-color printed wallet.

Slip it in your pocket and fool people into thinking someone (maybe a date) that you’re loaded then make him or her laugh when you pull it out and let them in on the joke.

Satin-lined interior with lots of pockets for all your credit cards. No animals were harmed in the making of the cool ass Loaded Wallet.

The Loaded Dollar Print Wallet measures 4.5″ L x 2″ W.

If you’re still intent on flashing your goods, you can get the Loaded Cash Wad Wallet from BaronBob.com for $16.95.

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