LED Side Glow Hats

LED Side Glow Hats

Picture this: you’re working on a project in limited light, and you need both hands. So what do you do? Hold the flashlight up with your mouth or your chin. This is obviously an uncomfortable way to continue working. A cool and spiffy-looking solution to this are these LED Side Glow Hats.

Just switch them on and get to work. Aside from their functionality, the LED Side Glow Hats look cool as they are and would make the perfect headgear when you’re attending an outdoor concert.

LED Side Glow Hats

There are no logos on these hats, so you are free to have your own theme embroidered if you wish. Glow Hats are battery and LED operated. They come with the first set installed and the batteries are replaceable. Average battery life is 30-40 hours.

TheĀ LED Side Glow Hats are currently up for funding on Kickstarter. They are also available for sale fromĀ Made by Simply You’s shop on Etsy for $13.50.

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  1. do you deliver to mexico? ’cause i’m interest about one of this caps

  2. This is no longer available on kickstarter. It was canceled. I was a backer and the item was canceled just a few ours before it would be funded.

    • Yes, the Kickstarter was cancelled due to a potential patent and copyright infringement.
      The patent and the picture are licensed to Onlycube.com. They are available to purchase on their site.

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