Red Tuxedo Morphsuit

Red Tuxedo Morphsuit

If you have nothing to wear to the ball and refuse to be caught in a traditional penguin suit, why not slip on the no-hassle Red Tuxedo Morphsuit?

I was recently lucky enough to go to a dressy party, and observed that the men who attracted the most attention were the ones wearing red shirts or jackets. Daring to be different pays off in many ways, and slipping on the Red Tuxedo Morphsuit will prove my case and point. Some will laugh, some will throw compliments, and some will be speechless. But with you going incognito, you don’t have to make eye contact with anyone, nor worry that you’ll get fired if your boss stumbles upon incriminating party pics of you on Facebook. One other fringe benefit attached with the unitard is that it allows you to bust-a-move in comfort at any given moment. It’s even perfect for acrobatics, so get ready to clear the dancefloor.

All-in-one body suits – so wrong yet so right? We’re not ones to judge, and Morphsuits are a craze we can’t ignore. They’re the perfect way to get noticed on a night out, but like a superhero still remain faceless.

From stag dos to festivals, these must have items are sure to raise a chuckle or two, and bound to be a hit, even if only to make people stop, stare and point!

Covering the body head to toe, the Morphsuit has a zip at the back allowing you to fully disguise yourself and hide from the shame of it all. The zip finishes at the top of the head for easy access. You can see out (though others can’t see in), breathe and drink through it easily.

What event would you wear one to?

Red Tuxedo Morphsuit Features:

  • Breathe, see and even drink through a Morphsuit!
  • Unisex – for the brave ladies out there!
  • Made from 100% Lycra – stretchy!
  • Durable – can be worn be worn over and over
  • Machine washable (do not bleach or iron)
  • Check out our range of different Morphsuit designs

We’ve had other fantastic morphsuits featured on GeekAlerts. Remember the frightening Halloween Morphsuits from last fall and the monochromatic Morphsuits from the summer? They’re so bold yet enigmatic. Who is that behind that suit? It takes guts to wear one of those. One of the Halloween morphsuits has nice cartoon graphics of your duodenum, ileum and jejunum, amongst other things exposed.

The romantic Red Tuxedo Morphsuit can be purchased at I Want One of Those (Sizes M, L, XL) for £39.99 or you can find it at Amazon for $55.97 in Size M.

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