iTap Phone Charger

iTap Phone Charger

Sure, your iPhone needs to be charged, but there’s no reason to be boring about it. The iTap Phone Charger puts a little creative spin on charging your phone, instead of simply having a lame cord running from the phone to the outlet.

It’s pretty easy to think of electricity in the same terms of water because the two share a few similarities. You can stop and start the flow of both, and both are essential to making it through the day. The iTap takes advantage of those similarities with a design that resembles a water faucet.

Just plug the ‘faucet’ into the outlet and then run the cord to your iPhone. It’s easy to tell when you’re charged up and ready to go because the light on the charger will change from red to blue. Just make sure to not connect your iPhone to an actual water faucet because H2O doesn’t play well with electricity. Hey! I said the two share a few similarities; I never said they were twins.

The iTap Phone Charger can be pre-ordered for £19.95/$30.05 at PrezzyBox.

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