Iona – The Wi-Fi Internet Radio Cube

Iona Cube

The Cambridge Consultants has come up with the Iona Cube concept, a Wi-Fi enabled internet radio with a simple and intuitive new design.

By simply turning the Cube onto one of its four available sides, it will change to the desired radio station. A fifth side is dedicated to the speaker and the final remaining side is dedicated to switching the radio to the ‘off’ position. The Cube can be quickly and easily customised to play a listener’s top four stations.

The designers involved in this new concept wanted to keep simplicity to the maximum. Accordingly, even the volume button has been removed. Instead, the listener just twists the Cube to the right to increase the volume and twists to the left to decrease it.

Check out the press release for more information about the Iona Cube.

(Via SlashGear)

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5 Responses to “Iona – The Wi-Fi Internet Radio Cube”

  1. This looks cool and sounds like a good idea. But I want more stations. Only four stations. My mood changes more than that in an hour. I like the idea, but it doesn’t seem all that practical.

  2. I know what you mean zankster, I guess that’s the price you’ll have to pay with an “ultra simplicity” thing like this.

  3. Do you two not read things properly? It says it can be “quickly and easily customised to play a listener’s top four stations.”, i.e. it can play (probably) hundreds of internet radio stations, just the 4 sides act as the presets for tuning quickly to your favourites.

  4. I know what it said about the four stations. But even if it is quickly and easily customized, it should say how this is done. To me this doesn’t seem that practical, only having four set stations.

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