Rovio – The Wi-Fi Spy Robot


Rovio is the first robot from the WowWee company to use the breakthrough Northstar technology for pinpoint navigation of your home or office.

Rovio acts as a Wi-Fi enabled spy robot with full audio and video streaming capabilities, accessible from anywhere in the world you have a Web connection and a Web enabled device like a PC, video game console, or cell phone.

Northstar technology is used in conjunction with software that makes designing navigation way points easy; a crucial feature for properly monitoring a home or office.

The Rovio robot is estimated to be released some time during early fall of 2008, with a suggested retail price of $299.

(Thanks to Robert Oschler of Robots Rule)


  1. The rovio looks alot like the rover robot that has been available on ebay for several months. It is the same concept, and is much more autonomous then this robot. It has been protected under copyright since 2006. A youtube reply to the rovio will be up tonight.

  2. YouTube video reply has been posted at:

    The original rover has digital compass and 3-axis accelerometer for navigation and area and object mapping. It is more precise then any GPS ( which usally has an margin of error of a few meters) It is also a real AUTONOMOUS ROBOT. It can avoid objects, follow objects, seek out light, and it knows when motion is detected to autmatically email pictures and video streams. It can also send you messages to your phone or IM.

  3. Oh by the way, this video was made in 2006. The real ROVER has moved way past the origianl as far as power conservation, and wireless range. The latest models are equipped with transmitters that can get more then 2 miles range from the base station. I have never seen a wireless LAN that can even come close to something with this range.

    This is last years computer science lecture, which details out using the Matchport b/g for wireless network access and goes into much more then that.

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback, and by the way, the real first internet accessed robot will be featured in several papers and News channels very soon. I would be willing to partner up with bigger businesses, but just because we are a small company does not mean that people can take our ideas without giving credit where it is due. It is easy to build something that you have specifications for, but it is hard to actually come up with original ideas.

  5. I bought one of those pieces of junk from Amazon. The thing does well on nice flat surfaces, but it keeps getting stuck on my rugs and any other small obstacles. Those uni-directional wheels are crap.

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