iFixit Thirsty Bag

iFixit Thirsty Bag

You’re strolling along, talking on your smartphone, when suddenly – SPLASH!!! Your phone decides to go for a swim. Grab the iFixit Thirsty Bag before you start panicking because your precious phone might be saved.

iFixit Thirsty Bag 2Unfortunately, water happens, and it usually doesn’t play nice with electronics, which is what makes the Thirsty Bag so nice to have around. You can slip in your dunked phone, MP3 player, iPad, or any other low-voltage electronic gadget, and let the magic beads inside the bag work their magic – sucking out the moisture from your ailing device.

Got a gadget that’s too big for the bag? Just transfer the beads into a bigger airtight or ziplock bag, and then put your device in with them.

Make sure to leave your tech goodie turned off and in the bag for at least 24 hours. It’s not a guaranteed save, but it could do the trick.

The iFixit Thirsty Bag is available for £9.95/$16.05 at Gizoo.

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