How to be a Genius

How to be a Genius

Unless you happen to be Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, you could probably do with a little bump in intelligence. Some research suggests that with age our minds may slowly start to deteriorate and memory loss can occur from the loss of dendrites; which deteriorate because of disuse. Nintendo has been on “the bandwagon” for some time now with their brain stimulating games and now the How to be a Genius book offers several way to stimulate your brain as well. Get out there, get reading, and get those neurons stimulated and create some new growth in your hippocampus before you forget what you just read.

How to be a Genius

See, How to be a Genius is all about exercising your brain (all goofiness aside). Inside, you’ll find 101 workouts to help you improve your memory, sharpen your reasoning skills, win at strategic games like chess and bridge, and make better moves in every area of life. Introductions to powerful mind-training tools (including mnemonics, self-hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and Mind Mapping) round out this mind-enhancing workout. With your copy of How to be a Genius, your brain will soon be beating up every other brain around you. BRAIN FIGHT!

You can purchase How to be a Genius from ThinkGeek for $12.95.

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