High Heel Cake Servers

High Heel Shoe Cake Servers

Most men would agree that women look good in high heels. I think most of us would also agree that cake is extremely tasty and we would like to have it after almost every meal. Well, now you can combine these two passions into one handy kitchen tool. High Heel Cake Servers.

High Heel Cake Servers

They look stylish and sexy, but you won’t see these on the runway in Paris or on the feet of some Hollywood actress. These are all about the cake that they serve. The one above is a Zebra pattern, but they come in all kinds of styles, just like real shoes.

High Heel Cake Server Gift Idea

The heel is magnetic and removable. Ladies will enjoy taking their love of high heels and putting them in the kitchen. Prices range from $3.95 to $26. from Amazon, where you can find many many versions.

Cake Server High Heel Shoe

Slide this sexy server under your cake to formalize any event. This stunning stainless steel cake server has a magnetic “heel” on its handle that transforms this utensil into a size seven slide shoe. The heel comes off for serving and washing, but isn’t everything a little bit sexier in a heel?

Amazon.com isn’t the only game in town. The above pictured High Heel Cake Server is available for $15 from UncommonGoods.com.

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  1. This is great! I love to wear high heels and a high heel cake server would be fabulous for any birthday party, wedding or to give as a gift to any of your high heel loving lady friends.

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