Gum Cigarettes

Gum Cigarettes

If you know a chain smoker and want him (or her) to quit or at least start rethinking his (or her) lifestyle choices, then all you will need are these Gum Cigarettes and a willing minor, preferable his (or her) child, to play along. The plan is similar to the one we laid out with the use of the Just Like Dad Candy Cigarettes.

Of course, a sneaky attack like this probably isn’t warranted except for the most addicted of smokers. But sometimes, all these folks need is a push (or a shove) to get them to wake up and see the choices that they’re making aren’t affecting their own lives anymore. They’ve got friends, family, and other loved ones to think–and re-think their choices–about.

Gum Cigarettes

These classic, good time Bubble Gum Cigarettes sure are delicious and they remind us of how much we loved emulating our parents. That is until we realized they were addicted to nicotine among other things. Well, let’s relive the good times with these Cigarettes and chew the day away. These Cigarettes look so real and are so much fun to ‘smoke’ that everyone will be asking to bum one off you. – One pack of Cigarettes per order.

– Eight Cigarettes per pack.
– Fruit flavored sticks wrapped in a realistic Cigarette paper.
– Five different package styles, we’ll choose the style.

The Gum Cigarettes are available from for $2.99 per pack and $12.99 for a 24 pack from

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