iStuck Bubble Gum Phone Stand

iStuck Bubble Gum Phone Stand

Imagine the laughs you would get in class or at the office if your cellphone was propped up with a big wad of pink bubblegum. Of course, real gum would be a mess, and wouldn’t work very well. However, this iStuck Bubble Gum Phone Stand from Fred & Friends looks just like bubble gum and works with Apple iPods, iPhones, and most cellphones. It is made of silicone and uses suction cups, so it works as a stand for just about any smooth backed smartphone (or device of similar size).

iStuck Bubblegum Phone Stand

The iStuck bubblegum phone stand is bound to elicit many double-takes and guffaws from surprised people. However, this stand is easy to remove from your cell phone and put away when you are done—unlike a real wad of gum.


iStuck Bubble Gum Phone Stand

  • Looks like a wad of bubblegum that was once stuck to your shoe
  • Rubberized phone stand designed to prop up your personal media device
  • Stiffened rubber and plastic – not really bubblegum (come on, guys, really?)
  • Works with any smart-phone, iPod, or other smooth-backed handheld
  • 2.5 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter

Order iStuck for $5.99 from ThinkGeek.

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