Griffin Technology iPad 2 TechSafe Case

Griffin Technology iPad 2 TechSafe Case

With Apple and the iPad 2 taking over as the simplest and easiest way to get work done on the go, people are bringing their iPad’s everywhere. Whether you bring yours to work, to the school library, or just have it in your dorm room, you are going to want to make sure it’s safe. With the Griffin Technology iPad 2 TechSafe Case, you can do just that. Constructed from protective polycarbonate, the Griffin TechSafe Case locks around your iPad 2 and provides a secure anchor point for the included 4-digit combination-lock security cable. Key in the code, press the lock’s plunger, and it instantly releases tablet and case for carrying; it’s the perfect balance of security and convenience.

Griffin Technology TechSafe iPad 2  Case

Griffin Technology iPad 2 TechSafe Case

Your iPad is only as secure as your security system’s weakest link. For any lock-down system, the Griffin TechSafe Case for iPad provides that vital anchor point that ensures the rest of the system is doing its job and keeping your iPad where you want it. Our TechSafe Case provides protection from bumps and scratches, but also locks around your iPad and affords the secure anchor point needed by any desktop cable lock system. The TechSafe Case for iPad comes with its own combination-lock security cable, and the case features two foldout workstands, one for typing and tapping, and one for upright landscape viewing.

You can purchase the Griffin Technology iPad 2 TechSafe Case at Griffin Technology for $79.99.

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