Goldfish Garbage Bags

Goldfish Garbage Bags

Trash doesn’t have to be ugly. At least, the bag that holds the trash in, that is. These Goldfish Garbage Bags are a literally and figuratively neater way to stash your garbage in before the collectors come to take it away.

Instead of the usual customary black garbage bags, wrap your trash up in these decorated bags that feature goldfish swimming around leisurely on the exterior. You don’t have to worry about these bags leaking either because they’re also durable. You can also liven up your kitchen or wherever you have trash cans if you’ve got the transparent kind, as these swimming critters will be staring out from them perpetually until the bag is full.

Goldfish Garbage Bags

Goldfish Garbage Bags

They’re more than just garbage bags, they’re also a fashion accessory for your kitchen. When they’re lining the garbage bin in your kitchen, they look like normal garbage bags. But, when you take them out and tie a knot at the top, they become enormous fish bowls full of goldfish.

Brighten up your kitchen with these original printed garbage bags and get rid of those boring and ugly black bags everyone else is using. Have fun recycling “Happy Sacks”! These bags will decorate your own garbage bin and also your city or neighborhood. Imagine a whole street full of fish bowl garbage bags?

The Goldfish Garbage Bags are available from Curiosite for $14.09. They are also available at for $14.95.

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