Giant Box of Nerds Candy

Giant Box of Nerds Candy

Back in the 80s they had Nerds cereal. Although this box is about the size of a breakfast cereal box (it measures 13 inches tall and 9.5 inches wide), it is actually filled with Nerds candy. To be more precise, this Giant Box of Nerds Candy is filled with tons of treat sized boxes of strawberry/grape Nerds candy. If you’re the biggest nerd, you need the biggest box of Nerds!

Giant Nerds Candy Box

Nerds Candy Box

Get your fill of Nerds with this 1.5 lb box of strawberry and grape flavored candy!

Purchase this Giant Box of Nerds Candy for $19.50 from Big fans of Nerds candy can also order their 36 packs of their favorite flavors (Grape/Strawberry, Watermelon/Wild Cherry, Apple-Watermelon/Lemonade-Wild Cherry, and Rainbow) from

UPDATE July 2012: You can also purchase the Giant Box of Nerds Candy at for $22.99.

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  1. Great photo of our nerds candy box. We are the exclusive distributors.

    • The photos are from Hot Topic, which was selling the 1.5 lbs Nerds Candy Box but is currently sold out.

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