Fish ‘n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium Kit

Fish 'n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium Kit

A lot of people put interesting artwork, magazines, or even novelty toilet paper in their bathrooms to take your mind off what they are there to do. I’m not really sure that it is a good idea to be distracting someone that probably has attention issues to begin with, why else would they pay attention to these things, but if you’re going to do it, do it right!

The Fish ‘n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium Kit is definitely doing it right. This aquarium kit turns your boring toilet tank into your own personal fish tank and will be turn your bathroom into one of the most talked about things in your home. The two-piece tank separates the flush water from the fish water, so you won’t have to worry about losing your goldfish to some random flush. Get the LED light and enjoy watching your fish all night long.

Toilet FishTank Aquarium Kit

The kit includes everything you need to get your own 2.2 gallon Toilet Tank Aquarium up and running.

  • Two-piece Aquarium Tank, Dual-Filter System With Pump, Two Nine-inch Artificial Plants
  • Basic Aquarium Guide, Flushing System, Flush Valve, Fill Valve
  • Fits two-bolt tank to bowl configurations with a two-inch flush valve and a bottom-mounted, fill-valve inlet
  • 2.2 Gallon Aquarium Volume Fish ‘n Flush 19.5″ length x 8.5 ” width x 13.75 ” height

Turn your bathroom into the most interesting room in the house with the Fish ‘n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium Kit. Available at JL Ryan for $171.50.

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  1. Hi. Where can I shop for the Toilet Fish-Tank?

  2. hey
    I would like to buy fish n flush toilet and fish sink aswell can you please provide me with more info? and If you can to ship it to Sydney Australia?
    please if you can get back to me asap im really interested.

  3. How much is fish tank shank and sink. Where can I buy it. Can I have more information. Thanx

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