E5000 Auto Fire Blaster With Zombie Target

E5000 Auto Fire Blaster With Zombie Target

Who has the time to go to the shooting range each day or the money for ammo? Yet constant practice is the only way to be prepared for a zombie invasion. You need the E5000 Auto Fire Blaster With Zombie Target, a gun that is safe enough to use at home. This powerful and accurate blaster fires a new kind of 8mm hydro ammo that disintegrates on impact. (This BlasterPro ammunition technology is safe for backyard use, doesn’t break windows, or stain furniture.) The included zombie target is hydro chromatic, turning blood red when hit with these rounds.

Shooting over 75 feet at a velocity of 150 feet per second, the E5000 Auto Fire Blaster is a powerful and accurate shooter. It uses an electric powered, stored-energy, trigger-activated mechanism for fast and accurate firing. With a 175 round magazine and the ability to fire 150 shots per minute, this weapon is as effective at covering fire as it is at sniper shots. It sounds like great fun, and would make a great Christmas gift for boys of all ages (hint, hint)!

E5000 Auto Fire Blaster

E5000 Auto Fire Blaster With Zombie Target

  • 1 Auto Fire E5000 Blaster
  • 1 Ammo Magazine
  • 1 Hydro-Cromatic Zombie Target
  • 5000 rounds of BlasterPro ammo

The E5000 Auto Fire Blaster is currently on sale for just $34.99 (reg. $49.99) with free shipping at Amazon.com.

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