Crayon Ammo Belt for Kids

crayon ammo belt for kids

When you send your kids back to school, you want them to have the best start possible and that means furnishing them with the best school supplies ever. The list for the year might’ve indicated the number of crayons kids would need, but it probably didn’t say in what format they should come in. Arm your student properly in this no-nonsense Crayon Ammo Belt for Kids for optimal accessibility to every color of the rainbow and more.

The ammo belt comes in almost as many colors as the crayons it can hold. However, the lime green one is at high risk of selling out and is a limited edition item. If you’re after a true military look, then opt for belt made of camo fabric.

Crayon Ammo Belt

Ammo belt of crayons. Enough said.
In addition to making you look awesome, these bandoliers are perfect for: organizing and protecting your crayons, drawing in the car, taking sweet first-day-of-school pictures, and giving an incredibly original kids’ gift.

  • Belt length: 38 in
  • Belt width: 2.25 in
  • Set of 24 crayons included.
  • Made with pre-shrunk fabric.
  • The belt (remove the crayons first!) can be washed in cold or warm water, tumble dry low.

For some reason, crayons are really hard to put back in their box properly. There’s always that odd one that breaks or one that messes up the configuration. When you have the ammo belt armed with good crayons, there’s no struggle with storage. When not in use, just simply put back the crayon into its individual compartment and get the next one out. What a great set-up for teaching kids how to get organized and for eliminating frustration.

Get the handmade Crayon Ammo Belt for Kids at for $18 each and wish your beloved student off to a kick-ass school year.

Want to own crayons unlike any other? Why not make your own with the Crayola Crayon Maker Studio?


  1. While I personally think it’s awesome to offer kids items of creation in place of items of destruction, the overly sensitive can tell their spawn it’s a scouting sash, like the one Russel wore in UP.

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